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    Jonathan Schramm


    Associate Director, Online Recruitment

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    What is your best advice for making a college decision? Just know that there’s a college out there for everyone. We use the word “fit” a lot in admissions because that’s what it’s about. How do you feel when you visit campus? Can you imagine yourself there for the next four to five years? Is this where you belong? Choosing a college is both an art and a science. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

    Best advice for incoming freshman?  Work hard but don’t play too hard, at least not your first semester or two. It’s tempting to get over-involved in clubs and organization when you first arrive on campus but remember you’re here to get your degree first. Make sure you have your study skills and academic schedule figured out before you fill in your social calendar.

    What is your favorite place on campus? University Hall on Centennial Mall. I love the old campus feel and the beautiful gothic architecture. Lots of history there and you can almost sense it when you’re there.

    Where did you go to school and what was your major? I attended Ohio University and William & Mary, and I’m currently earning my Ed.D. at Florida State University.